Complexity in Software Industry

One of the realities in our industry that everybody agree is that the only constant in software development is change, but another that has great impact as well is complexity.

I have read many articles and books about the complexity in the software industry, is mentioned in literacy about the profession, and everyone agree that is an issue that has to be managed and if it is possible be avoided in order to has success when developing a product. I’m not only read about it, I have been experience it in all this 14 years as software developer professional.

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Something is missing about the web platform

I remember the good old days when I was entirely devoted to create desktop applications. That was the time when desktop applications development ruled. Web developing started to take some popularity but was not stronger at that time (well at least in my country).

I was in April 1999 when I got my first job as programmer only one year before finish my university studies, in a small software development company. In this small company I was in charge for developing a patient record module for a medical system, in Visual Basic 5. Few months later, we got the brand new Visual Basic 6.0 version and we migrated the application. One year later, I moved on to Geusa (a local Pepsi Corporate franchise) to finish development of a Warehouse Application development, made in Delphi 4.0 and a mix of Visual Basic 6.0.

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